Teaching Toughness with Ed Madec

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This is the most important basketball instruction app you will ever buy!

But only if you want your team to get more rebounds, have better ball security and play with a Championship culture!!

Fresno City College coach Ed Madec, who has won over 85% of his games, shares his philosophy, his practice drills, and his teaching points that will help you create a championship culture, a positive environment, and teams and players that will thrive in the toughest games and situations. 

Getting more rebounds, having fewer turnovers, and not allowing layups by the opposition are three of the keys to Coach Madec’s success, and the practice drills on the this app will demonstrate how this philosophy is put into action – by utilizing advantage/disadvantage, eliminating dribbles, emphasizing communication, using medicine balls, and creating adversity and difficult situations throughout practice.

This app is filled with incredible teaching points, important details, and 6 of the most unique and best practice drills ever created. And it runs for nearly 2 hours!

If words like teaching, culture, mental toughness, physical toughness, intensity, demanding, primal, competitive environment and toughness are important to you and your program, than this is a must-have purchase.

This app is endorsed by top coaches and will help any coach looking to teach effective ways to improve a team and build a positive and winning culture.

Every great basketball coach is constantly learning new and innovative ideas that will make his or her team as good as they can be-

… and this innovative app offers an incredibly detailed and insightful look into teaching toughness and creating a winning culture – at any level of the game.

Chapters Include:

* Ed Madec On Coaching
* Animal Charge Drill
* Medicine Ball Rebounding Drill
* Capped Rim Transition Game
* Tight Space Passing Drill
* Window Reads Drill
* Team Fire Drill

plus much more at your fingertips… 24/7/365…..

Every action and drill is taught with step-by-step insight that insures optimal knowledge transfer, understanding, and clarity
This is world-class, multiple-camera video footage and instructional graphics, edited and designed to maximize successful learning.
You have complete navigational control of the footage: you can play in slo-mo, rewind, fast-forward, skip ahead, skip backwards; anything you can do with a DVD, you can do with this app.

9 Chapters of crucial information indexed for speedy access
Concise demonstrations
Detailed explanations
Coaching tips and ideas
Multiple camera angles
Instructional graphics

Now is time for you to take the next step towards getting a step up on basketball supremacy: DOWNLOAD NOW

Level X Action Apps available in the App Store
Level X Action Apps available in the App Store


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