Mastering The Ball Screen with Ganon Baker

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“If you have a passion fueled by a purpose, you are unstoppable.” 
– Ganon Baker
Now you can have world-renowned, in-demand Nike Basketball Trainer Ganon Baker wherever you go!
Known world-wide as the #1 Basketball Skills trainer and teacher, Ganon travels the world teaching and training some the biggest names in NBA and International basketball!

EXCLUSIVE: This app offers teaching and instruction on Pick & Roll skills and drills- and it’s ONLY available on the iPhone and iPod touch- there is no DVD release!

Across the world of basketball, the Ball Screen Pick & Roll is one of the most important and vital actions to master- and now you can have the world’s best skills instructor deliver direct to you detailed, step-by-step teaching & drills that will help you improve your game for total court domination!

Ganon teaches you the skills you need to master the Ball Screen Pick & Roll action including:
Ball Screen Locations
Attack Skills
Passing Skills
Scoring Skills
8 Drills to super-charge your development
plus so much more at your fingertips 24/7/365…

Filmed on location at EA Sports, this is world-class, multiple-camera video footage and instructional graphics, edited and designed to maximize successful learning.

You have complete navigational control of the footage: you can play in slo-mo, rewind, fast-forward, skip ahead, skip backwards; anything you can do with a DVD, you can do with this app.

Each lesson is dissected, explained and demonstrated in live action and from different angles so you can quickly and easily learn and master the skills.

Players pay hundreds of dollars for Ganon Baker’s services and at least US$40 for his DVDs, but now you can have these secrets ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! for the price of this app.

Be Mister Money Ball! DOWNLOAD NOW!


18 lessons featuring world famous basketball trainer Ganon Baker indexed for speedy access

A unique 3 Minute Review chapter for a quick refresher course!

Each skill and drill thoroughly explained and demonstrated


“Ganon Baker is exceptional; he studies the game; he relates to players of all ages; he motivates like no one else. Being an NBA coach, I can honestly say that the players that Ganon trains at this level not only improve but they enjoy the process as well.” 
– Kevin Eastman, Boston Celtics Assistant Coach, Nike Skill Academy Director

“I was really impressed with Ganon Baker’s demonstration and teaching. The players really respond to his style of coaching. The energy, enthusiasm and passion he brings to individual instruction are a cut above anything I’ve seen… Well done!” 
– Steve Lavin, Former UCLA Head Coach, ABC/ESPN College Basketball Analyst

Now it’s time for you to take the next step towards total basketball supremacy: DOWNLOAD NOW…

And be sure to get “23 Ways To Destroy Your Defender” with Ganon Baker- NOW available on the App Store!

Level X Action Apps available in the App Store
Level X Action Apps available in the App Store

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